Hartsfield Construction made the whole house-building process seem easy. We had a voice in every decision, and the contract development process was forthright and transparent. Robby and Barbie are extremely competent, taking care that every detail of the design was well-thought-out. Barbie made sure we were happy with every decision. As just one example, she spent much energy making sure we found the exact color we had in mind for the exterior. Ricky oversaw the entire construction process and made us feel like our home was the only thing that mattered. It’s clear that Hartsfield Construction Inc. is at the top of their game. We would recommend them highly to anyone thinking of buidling a home.

We want to thank Hartsfield construction for the wonderful job in building our new home. We interviewed several contractors in the process of choosing the Hartsfield team. They were by far the most professional contractors through that process, showing us a detailed estimate of what we would be purchasing. They also had the most solid references of all of the other contractors as well (thanks Steve!). We did not realize how valuable the team of Robby, Barbie, and Ricky would be until we progressed in the project. Robby has great vision of what the house was to be. He was hands on in the logistics of getting everything from paper to reality. I travel extensively in my work and it was such a pleasure to get regular phone calls from Robby informing me of the progression of the job, and the work he was putting forth in keeping us from worrying about anything that was to arise. Barbie’s design input was invaluable. Other contractors offered design advice by additional per hour consultation charge, in where as Barbie’s advice and service to the project was included. We can’t begin to calculate the amount we would have spent otherwise. Barbie’s contribution was truly priceless to us. Ricky’s hands on, on site supervision assured us that whatever decisions were made on the house he would see to it that it was done and done right. His broad based knowledge of all facets of construction was imperative in making sure that each tradesman was doing their job. He treated our house as if he was building it for himself, continuously surprising us with his attention to detail and demand for perfection. It has been said that the process of building can be a nightmare. The Hartsfield’s made our experience a pleasure and because of that they would be the only contractor we would ever use again.

We would gladly recommend Hartsfield Constructions for any repair or remodeling job you need done.

Over the past few years Robbie and his crew have done small jobs like putting a sky light in our kitchen or enlarging to wheelchair width the door to a bathroom. They also served as general contractor and did most of the work on a big job when six rooms of our home were damaged by a flood and we needed total replacement from slab to walls.

We have found them to be honest and careful workmen who also seemed to have our best interest in mind. They clean up after themselves and require any subcontractors they hire to do their jobs up to the high standard set by Hartsfield.

We have also found their fees fair and honest and they always kept to the estimate (unless I added some additional service or product). They come when they say they are going to come and in the rare instance they were unable to complete some task in the time specified they kept us informed and resumed work in a timely manner.

We would be happy to give you our reference by phone or allow you to tour our house so that you can see the excellent job they did for us.

I wanted to send you a note of thanks for the terrific job you and the entire Hartsfield crew did on the addition and renovations to my house. I am truly glad that I chose your company given your commitment to quality and high ethical standards. Finding someone like you is like finding an honest, reasonable auto mechanic—nearly impossible. When people told me their stories about working with contractors, I was worried, but you made me feel like part of the entire process and were always a source of good advice. When we ran into the unexpected, you were there with your calm demeanor and practical solutions to help keep the project costs down, and when we approached you with additional requests; you didn’t take unnecessary advantage of us. I feel like we were blessed with your presence, and we certainly feel blessed in our “new” home that is more than we thought was possible within our budget and everything we dreamed it could be. Now I understand that you earned the title “Builder of the Year” not just through the quality of your construction, but also because of who you are. If anyone asks, you are the first contractor on my list.

Please do not hesitate to use this note or me as a testimonial and reference. I hope that you will keep in touch and trust that you will keep me in mind for the ceremony music if you daughter gets married in Tallahassee.

Just wanted to say, “Thank you again!” for all the great work you all have done, you’ve been a big help for us first time builders. We will enjoy our home and the quality of it for many years to come, and will think of all of you often.

Tina you were are great help and very kind every time I talked to you, thanks again. Barbara, I hope you are feeling better you’ve been through quite a bit in the last year, thanks for all your color coordinating, and your quickness at getting things accomplished! You’ll have to come by and see the house. And Robby, you’re the best, it was your confidence, experience, and honesty in what you do that made us feel more relaxed about building a home and getting into it in time, that’s of many reasons why we choose Hartsfield Co. and making sure every thing was taken care of. We both felt like we have known you all our lives.

Thanks again, and hope your new year is always better than the one before.

We have currently resided in our home at 9460 Buck Haven Trail, Tallahassee, Fla., for one year.

We experienced no problems during the construction of our home that were not easily resolved by someone at Hartsfield Construction.

Barb was extremely helpful in designing the house and the pride taken in the construction of our home by everyone associated with Hartsfield Construction is evident in the appearance of our home.

We have enjoyed our associaton with everyone at Hartsfield Construction and would recommend them to anyone that is contemplating the construction of a new home!!

We thank each and everyone of you for making the building of our home as smooth and pleasant as possible. We have and will continue to highly recommend Hartsfield Builders!

Thanks for putting up with all my calls and questions. Thank you for the wonderful help in assisting me with the selections and coordination of the numerous items needed to make the house our home.

Thanks for being such a pleasure to work with. I was grateful for your patience. You never seemed irritated with my requests and always made right what appeared to be an impossible task – you’ve also been super about the punch list – responding ASAP.

We had our dream home designed and built by Hartsfield Construction. The design is exactly what we wanted!

The Hartsfield’s all worked together to make our home the style we were looking for with all the features we needed. We never had a single problem during the building process and we could not be more pleased with our finished home!

We have been living in our home for about 2 years now and a day doesn’t go by that we don’t look at our home with great admiration!

We can’t say enough good things about Hartsfield Construction.

We hired them to extensively remodel our home in Tallahassee in 1992, and they did a wonderful job. It can be difficult having people virtually living in your house during remodeling, but it has never been a problem with the Hartsfields. They were always professional and polite, and kept the site very clean.

They went the extra mile to make the process as painless as possible for us (including re-seating the toilet every evening for 3 days!) They were always cooperative when we wanted to make changes, and made helpful suggestions throughout the process.

We were so pleased with the quality of their work we have used them several times since, to repair our second home in Destin after a hurricane, to remodel some rental duplexes, and to remodel our office. They always produced consistently excellent work in a timely manner, and kept us informed of any scheduling changes.

We are so happy with our remodeled home we don’t ever plan to leave, but if we were ever to build a house, we would not even consider using another builder. We are happy to show our home as a reference.

Thank you for building this beautiful house for Barbara and me. Barbie was certainly right on this one when she said, “I will not build an ugly house!”
All three of you along with site supervisor Bryan have been a delight to work with. Not only are you very professional but you are also, simply put, Good People. One of your sub-contractors made that latter point by telling me that you are one of the good guys in a much larger crowd of not so good ones.

If Barbara and I can be of assistance to you by showing our house to prospective owners, please let us know. We will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Perhaps we can still make that Parade of Homes if it would be of value to you.